Male-Watching Field Report

Have you spotted a new species that does not appear in the current edition of Field Guide to North American Males? Here's your chance to add to the existing body of boy research.

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Common Name:

Scientific Name:

Takeout Chinese Health food Meat 'n potatoes
Protein shake Seared salmon Twinkies

Nest Type:
Dumpster Foreign land Mother's house Penthouse
Tent Tenement Tract house Other/varies

Dirt poor Makes a living Makes a nice living
Stinking rich uncertain

Foraging Technique (how males approach females):
foliage glean foliage glean
male hangs out in the same territory as female, gradually striking up conversation
ground glean ground glean
male is shy, doesn't make much eye contact
hover and pounce hover and pounce
male pursues female very aggressively
probes probes
male's approach is thoughtful, questioning
stalk and strike stalk and strike
male is scary
surface dives surface dives
male's passes are shallow, casual



Feeding Habits:

Sexual Display:

Agonistic Display:

Courtship Behavior:

Mating Ritual:

Mating Call:

Field Notes: