There are four families of boys in the known universe: Artsy, Athletic, Gainfully Employed, and Casual. For your reading pleasure, here are descriptions of all four families, the names of every known species in each, and complete listings for two boys in each family. May your boywatching be fruitful!"


pissy pierced punk

Acerbic Bipolar Novelist
(Burroughs kerouacam)

Pissy Pierced Punk
(AAAAAARGH eeeeeauhhhcccchh huh huh huh)


surfer dude

Spiritual Surfer Dude
(Moana loa macadamius nuttum)

Hulking Big-necked Football Stud
(Testaverdus slaughter)

Gainfully Employed

public interest guy
Socially Awkward/Possibly Deep Computer Geek
(Cyberdorkus perpetuum)

Ugly-shoe-wearing Public Interest Guy
(Nebbish virtuus)


slacker dude

Pathological Don Juan
(Emptyus veeum)

Slacker Boy Toy
(Sluttus virum)

Web Exclusive!
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Key to Symbols
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