Common Name Scientific Name
Patient Pediatrician Sympatheticus georgeclooney
Charming and Useful Dermatologist Hypoallergenicus alphahydroxy
Possibly Judgmental Psychiatrist Couchus sigmund
Corporate Lawyer Guy Cochranus armani
Ugly-shoe-wearing Public Interest Guy Nebbish virtuus
Aggro Investment Banker Avaricius rollover
Hearty Salesman Guy Assertivus dalecarnegie
Witty Advertising Exec Seductus product
Competent Stolid Accountant Hohum hohum
Patriarchal Yet Nurturing College Professor Schlumpus intellect
Socially Awkward/Possibly Deep Computer Geek Cyberdorkus perpetuum
Bitter Freeloading Journalist Steno conspirasus
High-strung Chef Julius child
Capable Electrician/Telephone Installer Birdona wire
Smoldering Forest Ranger Yogius smoky
Wiry Housepainter Cannibis latex
Bemuscled Construction Worker Leerus oglus

About Gainfully Employed Boys:
Some Gainfully Employed males gain their entire sense of identity from their jobs (this causes problems in the current era of downsizing, but that is another book). Other Gainfully Employeds do not view their work as their primary source of self-identification. In their innermost heart of hearts, they still see themselves as musicians, football stars, swanky Lotharios. They have a desk, but the desk does not define them. Therefore, you might wish to look at the Artsy, Athletic and Casual sections for insight into a particular Gainfully Employed's behavior. Your male may, for example, contain some genetic elements of an Athletic that have not been fully weeded out through exposure to the workaday world. Evolution takes time. Individual office-drone males may not relinquish their dreams of playing for the New Jersey Nets in spite of the fact that they are 5'8" with no jump shot to speak of. They may fantasize about jamming with Eddie Van Halen even as their hairlines recede and their ability to remember lyrics fades. It's endearing.

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