Family: CASUAL

Common Name Scientific Name
Magnificent French homme Vraius belmondo
Belissimo Italian Uomo Marcello tastianni
Lipsmacking German Mann Achtung baby
Tense but Tasty British Fellow Stiffupperlippus victoria
Delicious Japanese Danshi Maguro nigiri
Savory Russian Tovarich Illya kuryakinus
Spicy Brazilian Homen Lambada lambada
Laid Back Jamaican Mon Ishotda sherriff
Hey, It's Canadian Guy Overdere eh
Painfully Sincere Activist Guy Boycottus grapesus
Pathological Don Juan Sluttus virum
Slacker Boy Toy Emptyus veeum
Steroid-addled Gym Rat Chromium picolinatus
Wealthy Elderly Sugar Daddy Annanicolesmithus decrepitus
Glib Socialite Cornelius vanderbilt
Relentless Party Animal Hi bobum
White Trash Fun Heehaw johnbobbitt

About Casual Boys:
In birdwatching terms, a "casual" is an infrequent visitor to a particular habitat. In human terms, it is a species that is fling- but not relationship-worthy, by virtue of either geography (the species' permanent home is too far away) or personality (the species is rather disturbed). Foreign Casuals are often met during their seasonal migrations to such places as field offices and universities in North America, Club Meds, holidays in Europe, Asia or Central/South America, summer camps and the Hamptons. Inappropriate Casuals are often met when a human female's defenses are down or her judgment is poor. She may also be quite level-headedly seeking a short-term relationship and therefore may appreciate the Inappropriate's redeeming qualities (money, charm, good sex, or simply the opportunity to try something different).

Note: To ornithologists, "Accidentals" are even more infrequent visitors to the North American region. They are birds that are spotted only because they've strayed from their normal migratory route. In human terms, an accidental is a male you sleep with only because you are drunk.

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