Relevant Birding Links

Since the point of The Field Guide to North American Males is to illustrate that human males are as understandable and easily categorized as our ornithological friends, I thought some actual birding links might be useful to you.

The North American Breeding Bird Survey's Bird Identification Page
Don't miss the fiendishly difficult Patuxent Bird Quiz! You'll also find audio of various bird calls, pictures of common species, and birdie identification tips.

Fugleskue Birdwatch
A comprehensive, friendly introduction to birding! Easily browsable!

Train Your Bird to Talk! 2.1
With talking birds, who needs boys at all?

Potty-Training Your Pet Lory
Just like men, lories tend to poop when they get overexcited.

The Virtual Birder
Delightful birding ezine with an east-coast slant.

The National Audubon Society
Environmental advocacy and bird-love, a match made in heaven!