About the Author

As yet, no reputable university offers a degree program in male-watching. The Field Guide to North American Males team is thus entirely self-trained. We are not professional ethologists (researchers of animal behavior), anthropologists, ornithologists or social scientists. How did we gain this specialized knowledge? By dating many, many boys. According to our calculations, we have dated 34 of the 53 species in the Field Guide. (By "we," we of course mean "I," in the universally recognized lofty manner of scientific expression.)

Marjorie Ingall (aka "I") used to be the Senior Writer at Sassy magazine. Then the pod people took over and she became a freelance writer. She's written for Ms., Mademoiselle, Wired, Food & Wine, New York, Blender (where she was a sex columnist who wasn't allowed to actually write about sex), The San Francisco Examiner, ST!M, and a whole flotilla of other places. She currently does a wacky column about fitness and health spas for Fit magazine. Until recently she did a humor column about food for CuisineNet called "You Gonna Eat That?" and a Health & Lifestyles column for The Web magazine. She enjoys coffee.

She can be reached at marjorie@fieldguide.com.